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Student Recruitment Agents in International Higher Education
A Multi-Stakeholder Perspective on Challenges and Best Practices

In late Spring 2023 a new volume in Routledge’s Internationalization in Higher Education Series will be released, Student Recruitment Agents in International Higher Education. Pii-Tuulia Nikula, Vicenzo Raimo and I are co-editors, and the book includes chapters from a variety of different perspectives. Our aim in producing this new publication is to shed light on commissions-based international student recruitment agents, to help stakeholders make more informed descisions about whether and how to engage them.

The Table of Contents including chapter titles and authors follow. See here for more information including how to order copies.

Part I: Setting the Scene  1. Education Agents: Key Issues, Themes and Stakeholders Pii-Tuulia Nikula & Vincenzo Raimo  2. From Student to Agent to Faculty: How my Journey has Influenced my Work with Education Agents Shanton Chang  3. The Risky Terrain of Outsourcing Recruitment: Ethics Versus Expediency Liz Reisberg & Philip G. Altbach  Part II: Education Agent and Consultant Perspectives  4. The Agent Voice: Agents’ Perspectives on Recruiting and Student Services Before and After the Pandemic Craig Riggs  5. An Ethical Approach to Student-Centered Commission-Based Recruitment: The Way Forward Mark A. Ashwill  6. Education consultants’ work and international education: an examination of the technical and emotional dimensions Kenneth Han Chen  Part III: Agents’ Value Propositions and Impact  7. Agents and Test Preparation: The Quest for High Scores on Standardized Tests Meng Xiao and Linda Serra Hagedorn  8. International Education Agents: Lessons from the History of IDP Denis Blight  9. Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Toward a student-centred value proposition for agents. Jeanine Gregersen-Hermans & Karin Klitgaard-Moeller  Part IV: Agent Management & Views of Higher Education Institutions  10. Agent Management Best Practices Pii-Tuulia Nikula and Eddie West  11. Building an Effective Agent Engagement Strategy to Empower Strategic Growth in New Zealand Brett Berquist and Marcelo Credidio  12. Recruitment Agents in Italy: Perspectives of Higher Education Institutions Enrico Sartor  Part V: Student Views  13. Pursuing Higher Education Dreams in the U.S.: Portraits of Chinese Families Assisted by an Education Agent Yi Leaf Zhang, Meng Xiao and Linda Serra Hagedorn  14. Giving voices to Chinese international students using interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA): the application experiences to UK universities via education agents in uncertainty Ying Yang, Sylvie Lomer, Jenna Mittelmeier and Miguel Antonio Lim  Part VI: Government and Regulator Perspectives and Country Studies  15. Exploring the reasons for the development of India’s education agent system  Raghvendra Singh and Dylan Rust  16. Regulation, Deregulation and Self-regulation: The Evolution of China’s Policy on Education Agents Siyuan Feng  17. Education New Zealand’s agent engagement programme: Building a more sustainable international education sector Geneviève Rousseau Cung, Ana Azevedo and Sebastian Klinkum  18. Client-Agent Dispute Cases Jon Santangelo  19. Conclusions, Emerging Trends and Future directions for education agents and their stakeholders Vincenzo Raimo, Pii-Tuulia Nikula & Eddie West

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